Holidays with dog in Carinthia

Pet-friendly hotel village SCHÖNLEITN

Holiday with dog in Carinthia

Holidays in the Naturel Hoteldorf are varied and in the Hoteldorf SCHÖNLEITN we are happy about holiday guests who take their four-legged darling with them on holiday. We are not a special dog hotel, but we do offer a special service for four-legged friends. You can read more about this in the dog service section in Naturel on the right.

Our guests like to ask whether their four-legged friends can go to the lake or to the sunbathing lawn by the pool, or whether bathing with a dog in the lake is permitted. Unfortunately not in the immediate vicinity, bathing with dogs is currently not permitted in the surrounding lakes. Directly from the hotel village, you will find walking paths and small rounds for walking in the Oberaichwald district.

For a holiday with your dog in Carinthia, a holiday home or holiday flat is particularly practical. This way you don't have to go through public hotel areas when you go outside with your dog - walking your dog is quite uncomplicated. Enjoy the greatest possible freedom on your holiday in Carinthia.

Dog service at Naturel

We have prepared for your dog, directly in the flat: Water and food bowl, a dog bed and a dog towel for the entrance area. Free doggy bags, a dog water bar in the outdoor area, dog toys for rent at the reception as well as information on veterinarians in the area.

Hiking with a dog in Austria

The best thing about your dog holiday in Austria: endless time in the great outdoors, surrounded by alpine pastures, meadows and hiking trails where your four-legged friend is simply allowed to be a dog. Enjoy the holiday time with your companion and the whole family with us in Schönleitn in Carinthia. As a guest with dog you are very welcome - whether summer holiday, short holiday or last minute holiday in Carinthia with your dog.

Dogs are very welcome

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